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The National Heritage Science Forum has been set up to address the recommendations of the House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee Inquiry on Science and Heritage and to implement the National Heritage Science Strategy objectives.

The Forum provides a platform to support the policy, research and professional needs of institutions engaged in heritage science. The National Heritage Science Forum brings together many disciplines under the wide-ranging, interdisciplinary heritage science umbrella. Through working together, Forum members address the research and practice needs of institutions interested in or engaged with heritage science.
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NHSF BlogWhat does the Forum do for its Members?

Bullet8It co-ordinates policy responses on behalf of the heritage science domain.
Bullet7It ensures professional standards across heritage science (archaeological science, conservation science, building science).
Bullet6It enables contact with other sector bodies (eg. between collections conservation and building conservation).
Bullet5It develops cross-domain working.
Bullet4It develops link research tools and resources.
Bullet3It shares skills and equipment.
Bullet2It promotes and demonstrates the public benefit of heritage science.
Bullet1It actively maps and shows demographic trends in heritage science employment.

What Is Heritage Science?

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The term ‘heritage science’ is used to encompass all technological and scientific work that can benefit the heritage sector, whether through improved management decisions, enhanced understanding of significance and and cultural values or increased public engagement.

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Historic EnglandUniversity of CambridgeWellcome

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